Monday, May 25, 2009

A summary of 31 fabulous days.

Fact: I have been doing a lot of driving across the state of Texas. My car just rolled over 160,000 and he's going strong. I am thankful for Japanese automobile engineering.

I cannot believe how close we are to June 2009; it's ridiculous how close we are to halfway through. Also ridiculous? How busy I've been today. Nevertheless, I made a promise to myself to blog, and I am relentless in my pursuit to follow through, so here we go. 

My little brother is graduating high school this year, and so to celebrate, we kicked off the month of May with one of my favorite Cajun traditions: the crawfish boil. Not only is there always good food, but it's just such a wonderful, comforting environment. My parents designed our backyard specifically for this type of event, as our little piece of "home" from Louisiana. The Thibeaux family takes this event very seriously. There was a schedule, lots of beer, and lots of opinions on how to make it the best. It was a beautiful day, too. Life doesn't get much better than that. 

I've also been working up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the past month at Dallas Audio Post, and there aren't words to describe what an amazing feeling it is to finally be doing what I always dreamed of doing. I literally am "living the dream." It is every bit as good as I imagined. 

I got the opportunity last weekend to work at the Wildflower Music and Arts Festival in Richardson, Texas. Originally, I was just going to be assisting between stages, but the stars aligned, and I actually ended up getting to run Front of House for the Acoustic Cafe stage. Physically, it was exhausting to work all weekend, but mentally, it was rejuvenating to get back behind a real console and press buttons and move faders. Plus, I got to hear a lot of really amazing music. (Adam Ezra Group, check him out.) It rained all Saturday morning, and as you can see from the pictures, we had some fairly unsafe conditions. (Yes, that is all our power cables running through standing water. Yes, that is the main power distribution unit for our stage sitting in a puddle.) And yet, I live to tell the tale. 

The best thing about Live Sound is how entirely unpredictable every second is. Nothing is the same, something always goes wrong, but I thrive off working through those issues. It's a challenge to keep your head clear when 3khz is feeding back and you have no idea why. I love it, I really do. 

I hope everyone is as excited about the possibilities that June will bring. I shall leave you with an old 52Q card that I made this month, and my answer. 

My relentless pursuit of passion, 
and my unfailing ability to follow it, wherever that leads me.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Meet Rufus:

This is Rufus. He protects our house from an aerial second floor view. He falls asleep in patches of sun in front of my window. He likes to sit with me while I read. He has a cropped tail, and when he tries to wag it, he just moves his whole butt. Most importantly, he's always happy to see me. He always wants to play. He never tries to run away, he only wants to follow you where ever you go. He barks from the front windows when I leave. He watches me until I get in my car and close the doors. He's a good one to have around.