Tuesday, April 21, 2009

.095 Blogging Percentage (with Runners in Scoring Position)

I wanted to blog while the Astros were still winning. I don't know if I'll be able to live down losing to the LA Dodgers. Oh, and Manny Ramirez? Your hair looks really stupid. Hunter Pence is having a rough night. You can almost see the agitation waves radiating off of him as he swings, and misses, again. 

I promised myself I wasn't going to talk about baseball for this entire entry. For the first time, I actually have things to say! I leave for Dallas, Texas this weekend where I will be living for the next three months. I start my internship at Dallas Audio Post Group on Monday! Naturally, I'm nervous / anxious / excited / stressed, but it's all worth it. Big opportunity, good news. It's unpaid, so I'm actually going to be staying with relatives during the week, and due to commitments on the weekends, I'll be driving back a lot. Dallas to Houston is a 3.5 hour drive, so music recommendations are going to be very welcome. 

This week's question was refreshing, and incredibly well timed! One of my truths is my favorite Ghandi quote that I am constantly saying in my head. 

First, they ignore you. Then, they laugh at you. Then, they fight you. Then? You win. 

The photo on my card I took from a particularly satisfying writing session from the other day. It was nice to get some words down on paper, and in the right order, even! I've also been getting some really nice comments on some of my writing that can be found online, here. (Yes, it's fan fiction, yes, it's Twilight. Deal with it.) I've been working on an original plot line, but that's proving to be more of a daunting task than I realized. Yet, at the same time, it's exciting business! The feeling I get from writing a story that I really believe in cannot be matched. It's indescribable. It's cloud nine. 

What's that you're looking at? Oh right, my new duvet cover :) I am entirely in love with the warm color, and the vibe that it gives my bedroom. Also, a thank you to Shevvz for her christmas present - put to good use. I had a hard time leaving the store with JUST my new duvet, but I exercised self-control.  Well, it was more lack of funds mixed with a little guilt that got me out of there with just what I went in for. I may have spent $60 on shampoo and conditioner from Sephora yesterday. (Totally worth it, my hair feels fantastic.)

Well, the game is entering the ninth inning, and I have some more work to do before bed, so that will have to be it from me. I hope everyone's week is progressing well and that my west-coast and Texas friends are staying cool. Adios!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

explanations and excuses.

I swear, my lack of blogging has not been intentional. I am currently held up in a corner of the Houston Public Library because at the beginning of this week, the internet at my house copped out. It's been tragic. See how sad I look? 

Hopefully I'll get it back up and running either today or tomorrow, but in the meantime, I guess my trips to the library (and my abuse of their free WiFi) will be a daily event. Right now, I'm thinking of heading out and over to Starbucks for a Iced Green Tea, and maybe back home to clean my disastrous room. (I kid you not- clothes, EVERYWHERE.) I am still waiting to hear back from the post production facility that I interviewed with, so we're keeping our fingers crossed. 

Also, Happy Opening Week of the 2009 MLB season! I have already been to 3 games, and I got to see the first win of the season for the Houston Astros. Granted, we've lost the other 2 games, but my boys are looking GOOD this year. I'm excited for what the next six months will bring. 

Here's to a fantastic end of the week! Adios mi amigos!