Thursday, February 26, 2009

Respecting the twenty-four.

Twenty-four hours is generally not a long time, in the grand scheme of things. Yet, so many things can happen in those 1,440 minutes that goes almost entirely unnoticed. I wanted both to describe, and document my day, my surroundings, and to give some credit to the little things that pass me by. Details: contributing to my mood, adding to my scenery, and always selflessly inspiring. 

A tribute to my lack of organization. I have so many cables, electrical cords, speaker wires, all shoved against the wall under my desk. Sometimes my brain feels that way. I keep telling myself that i will devise a system of organization, but alas. 
A beautiful day in Spring, Texas, and I get to look out my kitchen window to this rich, green pasture just beyond my backyard. With seven or eight birdhouses, there are always creatures, both feathered and furry, tormenting my dog who prefers to remain indoors, however cannot resist a good chase. 
The three things I would take with me on a desert island (pending a secret fourth, which would obviously have to be paper.) My music, the life-blood that I cannot go an hour without, my cell phone that I have become shamelessly attached to, and a good felt-tipped pen to write. I cannot resist putting pen to paper if that pen has a felt-tip. I kid you not.
Lastly, my fabulous mother always puts fresh flowers in a vase next to my desk. They are a constant source of inspiration, and to be perfectly honest, just a lovely thing to look at. These are the bright floral decor that I am coexisting with currently. Yellow and Red, my goodness it does feel like spring now.

My ProTools hardware (Digidesign 003 Rack Mount) is an absolute necessity in my field of work. One of the best Etsy purchases I've made, the WWW notebook, helps me keep track of all my username-password combinations on my thousands of internet memberships. And of course, my framed-inspiration, created by my lovely Shevz, lyrical motivation by The Weepies. ("But in the end, the only steps that matter are the ones you take all by yourself." - Can't Go Back Now.)
I live in a house where only four individuals live, and while we are all over the age of 16, there are 7 cars that live here. I have my own (yes, the Dr. Pepper keychain would be my spares), my brother has his own, our parents have three, and my older brother is keeping two of his four in our driveway. Do I know how ludicrous this is? Absolutely, I do. 

I will also be posting some of my best writing from my newest foray into the Write Club, inspired by M.Writes. I will be handwriting everything first, and then I'll go back and pick 
excerpts to post here. She has given three prompts, and I have attempted one with fair success. I am quite excited about the next two, and what thoughts they will bring.  I will also be flexing my artistic muscles by pasting the prompts in my journal in some sort of cute, motivational way. Here's Week 01.

Well, my Mango Green Tea is gone, my puppy looks tired, and I'm out of photos. I hope everyone is gearing up for a good weekend; I know I am. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras '09

Wishing everyone a Happy Fat Tuesday! I hope everyone can find their inner Cajun today, and keep in mind that before it became known as the holiday where drunk co-eds take off their shirts for plastic beads, there was a fabulous culture and tradion behind today.

"One side is a river, the other is a lake. Meet me in the middle and we'll eat King Cake."
-"King Cake" Lisa Haley & the Zydecats

My favorite memory of Mardi Gras would have to be when I was about 10 or so, we went to the parade in Baton Rouge, my family, my aunt and uncle and cousins, in my uncle's big truck, and we sat and watched all the floats go by. Everyone was excited and friendly, strangers laughing and starting conversations with phrases like "Child, who's yo' momma?" We stood there for about three hours, and there was a palpable magic of tradition and family in the air. After the city parade, we drove out to Mamou, Louisiana (a small town west of the capital) where my brothers and I participated in chicken-catching contests (Yes, there were about 10 or 15 chickens that just ran around and the children tried to catch them. That was the game. It was fantastic.) Meanwhile, our parents cooked boudin and added whatever they had to the community gumbo. Covered in dirt and dust, the smell of southern food drifted somewhere as far as Arizona, I'm sure. It's my favorite memory, because the sense of southern hospitality, love and joy was tangible. To look up at your blood relatives, people you don't even know, and to feel that you are in the company of truly good souls is not something easy to forget.

So bloggers, Laissez les bon temps roulez.
Let the good times roll.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Question #7

When I first read this question, my mind immediately went to a list of things I've always wanted to do. I would produce a record, write a novel, learn french. If I couldn't fail? I would try everything. I would want to experience everything, anything. If I couldn't fail, I would run for a political office. I would become a firefighter. I would swim the English Channel. 

This question intrigues me for several reasons. Firstly, because of the infinite possibilities it provides. So many things in life aren't experienced because of the fear of failure. I can list 100 different things I think I'd like to do, but probably won't because I'm too afraid. But at the same time, there are things that I think about doing, that I probably won't because I'm afraid I wouldn't like it. Skydiving? I think I'd hate it, and at the same time, I'm curious. Could it be liberating? Could it be everything I need to feel, all at once? 

The answer to this question, my answer is this: I would take my time.

Monday, February 9, 2009

knock-down, drag-out.

Thanks to my addiction to this blog, I found this website and spent about an hour or so going through all the different effects and photos. These were my two favorites. The first one is my hipster "I-love-America" effect, and the second is the photo that would be an album insert to my debut record from the sixties. Thinking of myself existing in the sixties is a little laughable, but still, I think I could have rocked. 

Other noteworthy things: my new layout is courtesy of my favorite graphic designer, Marina. All I told her were the general colors that I liked (strong red, soft brown) and she ran with it. So thanks for the facelift, friend! I'm extremely pleased with the results and hopefully it will serve as inspiration enough to keep blogging. 

A few weekends ago, I took a trip to San Antonio with my two favorite ladies, and w made a special trip to The Alamo (I had never been.) I must say, I didn't much care for the history of it, and I'm sure our jokes and continuous laughter interrupted some audio tours, but I have never had so much fun. I've known these girls since high school (and before, actually) and it was awesome to get together and hang out for a weekend. Drinks, historical monuments, and lots of laughter. That's what life is all about.

We also, absolutely, had to stop at this place on our drive back from San Antonio. I can't tell you exactly where, but it's located somewhere just off the I-10 East on the way toward Houston. My favorite thing about driving all over the state of Texas is stuff like this. Really ridiculously named restuarants or motels, like Grumpys (or ZING!'s which is off of 290 on the way to Austin.) We really weren't sure what the little guy off to the side was supposed to be (maybe a hot dog? Or a jalapeno?) Either way, it doesn't much matter because we know for a fact that he is Grumpy. And that's what matters. It's his Inn, apparently. 

I was planning on blogging on my feelings about the 2009 Grammys, but the bottom line, I guess, is that I really didn't know much of the music that won. The highlight, for me, was Green Day presenting the award for Album of the Year. Everything else was just kind of a wash for me. And we have an album name for the new Green Day record, due May of 2009! "21st Century Breakdown" Thoughts? A little anti-climatic for me, but can you really judge a record by it's title? 

Lastly I will leave you with some photos from my afternoon in Hermann Park in uptown Houston. It was a gorgeous day, and I had my camera and iPod to keep me distracted. Wishing you all good weather and good feelings until next time!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ups and Downs

Today has been a bit of a slow day, so I figured I'd do a blog entry. How about this economy we got going on? Pretty fantastic, huh? I am, of course, still on the job hunt with no foreseeable end in sight, but thus is life. Ups and downs, and right now, I think I speak for a large number of people when I say: this is a down. So what to blog about in a down? "Up" things, of course! Here are some of my "Ups" and I'd love to hear yours!

"Up" thing number 1: Perez Hilton
People are losing their jobs, their homes, and while hope is the name of the game and Obama is on the mission, Rome wasn't built in a day. (It was Rome, right? I can't remember now.) But in this time of downs, I want to give a recommendation to the catty celebrity news stylings of our very own Perez Hilton. He has vendettas against some, harbors undying love for others (who else could coin the terms RPattz and Zaquisha with such dexterity?) and he won my heart officially with this particular photo. Well, him and Ellen Degeneres (seen here.)

"Up" thing number 2: South Louisiana Culture
With Mardi Gras just right around the corner (did everyone get their king cakes on order?), I felt it necessary to include some Cajun flair to this entry. Bloggers, I was born in Plano, Texas (a suburb of the Dallas/Fort Worth region, for those of you unaware), but my family hails from the backwoods and crawfish fields of the Atchafalaya Basin. All right, honestly? It's a swamp, but when you call it a Swamp, everyone thinks of that guy from Waterboy that no one can understand, and that's not me. That is, however, my family. Here's to traditional Mardi Gras, crawfish boils, rice fields and strangers greeting you on the streets with a friendly, "Where you from, child?" Flat lands, loud families and great food. 

"Up" thing number 3: Shoes!
This one, at least for me, was an obvious. Okay, so I don't have a job, and I have no income, so technically I can't buy these shoes, but the very excitement of finding cute shoes and thinking about all the different outfits I could wear them with will be enough to tide me over for now. This particular shoe can be found at Urban Outfitters, but if you buy them before me, we will have a problem. My fix for a bad day? Online window shopping for shoes and jewelry. 

"Up" thing number 4: the written word.
I embrace the blogosphere, the internet and ease that comes with writing an email, but I still find happiness in sending a letter, card, or post card. I think there's a personalization in the written word that shouldn't get lost just because I type faster than I write. So I am making it a point to build up my address book, buy postcards and seasonal notes, and put in a little time to keeping up correspondence with my friends and family. I have every letter I have ever been written, every card I have received, and I treasure them. So send thank you notes, write letters, express yourself to someone you care for. It's healing.

"Up" thing number 5: letting the good times, roll.
The daily grind got you down? Broke? In Debt? Stressed beyond belief? It's awful, it piles up and it really takes it's toll. My suggestion? Get out. You don't even have to spend money! Gather your friends, bring a camera, and have fun. Goof off, go for a run, take in the sights, visit a park. Don't wait for the world to pick you up off your feet, go out and find your own good things. Keep your friends close, and keep living life. At the end of the day, if you're not living it, no one else will. 

I wish great things for all of you out there. Find your ups, and hold on tight!