Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pictures tell better stories.

It's 2010. I say "Twenty-Ten." I haven't blogged about anything in over a month. I still don't know how much I have to say, so I will regale you with some pictures, and a life-update.

December First, I lived in Texas:

Then I got a job in San Francisco, so I had to leave home:

So I moved here to make a new home in a new place,
with some familiar faces (and new ones) very close by.

And set up my computer (fastest way to make me feel at home.)

Then Christmas happened. So I flew back to Texas to be with the family.
Because it wouldn't be Christmas without them.

And I put on a hat, and yelled "Gryffindor!"

But when Christmas was over, I came back to Oakland;
to make an apartment, a home.

Then, suddenly, it was New Years! I went out to dinner with Shevs and her group, and we played dress up and were fancy for a few hours.

See? Red Wine. In Wine Glasses. CLASSY.

Then I parted ways to meet up with some other friends.
And we rang in the New Year, Oakland-style.

Hopefully my next entry will have more words.


Marina H said...

First of all...

YAY! you live here!

Now more comments. What were you doing when someone (probably your bro) snapped that picture of you coming out the door?

Also, your apartment is super cute. Trust me people, totally adorable.

Let's see what else...Oh I love your sorting hat. I like that it's of the green...fluffy white...sparkly variety.

Your decorated apartment looks lovely! *coughs* that's my art *end cough*

Also, yes, we are very classy. Red wine, in a big glass, in a restaurant. We rock.

Like I said. Glad you're here. Glad you're blogging!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Looks like you are getting settled. San Francisco is a truly amazing city.