Thursday, July 9, 2009

Illegally blogging: an Ode to Summer.

The studio is incredibly slow today, so I thought I'd take advantage of the downtime and do a quick little update. My impending job search is looming, but I refuse to see the shadows just beyond my very bright weekend. Birthday time with my older brother (who turned 26 on June 25th), baseball on saturday night, and the most exciting of all? Playing with my newest member of my technological family, my new Macbook Pro laptop. (Photos to come upon arrival via the boys in brown.) 

A little photo love from my first game at Rangers Stadium in Arlington. (Thanks to my lovely Allison for the zoom action.) My new favorite New Yorkers came ALL THE WAY down to Dallas to hang out with me for a brief vacation, but let me tell you how wonderful it was to see them. So wonderful, that I have booked my flight up to New York City in October. I think of it as a blessing and a curse that the people I love are spread so far apart. Blessing? A lovely excuse to visit all the coasts. Curse? I don't ever get to see them enough. I regress, it was a perfectly insane and awesome three days. 

Even in Texas, summer is my favoritest of seasons. Everyone just seems happier in the summer. Blue skies, no school for the kiddies, families spending time together (except mine, lol.) It's just a good vibe. Even though I've entered the working force, I still live for the summer.  Even if with cloud-cover the high is 101. 

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Marina H said...

Yay Dexter debut! Hey do you think Dexter and Penelope would get along? Does he like older women? I think we should betroth our laptops. P + D = <3 4ever.


Post pics soon, k?
Also, yay baseball. Yay Timmy starting tomorrow. Wooo!
And of course, yay for friends and baseball together. The best combo!